Rediscover Your Roots Classes with @MissAshleyDiana & @Rawmixologist. Las vegas, NV #plantbased

Just isn’t just your ordinary wellness class. This is your ticket to Rediscover Your Roots.

Rediscover Your Roots means to learn how to make healthy living easier, more intuitive, and a hell of a lot more fun.

Shane and I receive countless emails and messages asking us how does one get healthy. We are humbled to be in this position, but we needed to provide a more effective platform not only answer your questions, but to show you how it’s done!

To kickstart our classes we are honored to be partnering with Doctor Allen Wellness and Medical Center! Our August class will be held on the 28th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

Doctor Allen Wellness and Medical Center is the premiere plant based health center in Nevada. Doctor Allen is the first and only medical doctor in Las Vegas to be practicing medicine with plant based approach. (He is not your hippie vegan holistic doctor or a chiropractor for goodness sake!) Dr. Allen is the real deal; he is one of the smartest and greatest doctors that I have come across. He knows that there is a time and place for western medicine, yet he also prescribes a healthy diet, and other natural remedies to his patients. I know firsthand know his expertise because I am one of his patients! 


We are all short on time, but life doesnt have to be short on nutrition. This is what this class is all about – helping you create an easy, healthy lifestyle that’s packed with nutrition but doesn’t have any labels. We are sick of labels and we just want you to be happy and healthy!

Let’s make healthy happen in the kitchen, and let’s have more time for living and enjoying our lives!

Vitamix Blender Berry Smoothie with Vegetables for Kids, Remodelista

Shane is the blender guru.

He is THE BEST at making the tastiest and easiest creations straight from the blender.

This is where Shane’s creativity shines.

He is going to teach you how to make his hit smoothies, nutritionally-dense soups, fruit ice creams, and even brownies out of the blender.


I am the Colorful Dessert and Salad Girl.

Well, I could say I am the smoothie girl too, but I won’t steal Shane’s spotlight….not this time anyway. 🙂

I wil be showing you how to make some of my favorite desserts – desserts that are actually good for you! They are free of refined sugar but full of deliciousness!

Next, we will learn how to make a delicious salad that is actually HEALTHY! A question I receive often is, “How do I to make my salads healthy?” The key to making a healthy salad is being educated on your salad dressings. Salad dressings can be 100% nutritious or they can killing your diet! There is all kinds of hidden crap in salad dressings! Not to worry, with just a few trick of the trade and a bowlful of fresh greens, you’ll be dreaming of salads in no time! By the way, all this is coming from someone who had not been a salad fan (aka ME) until I learned who to make the good stuff.


I almost forgot the best part!

At our class, you get to eat everything!  OH MY YUM!

You will receive ALL the class recipes and many other tips, tricks, and guides to take home with you.

…but don’t worry, we aren’t far away!

Shane and I have created a Rediscover Your Roots private Facebook group for all of our class attendees.

This is the most valuable part of your class.

This Facebook group will serve as your ongoing support team. Here you can ask questions, learn more about healthy foods, share your own creations, and connect with people who are passionate about living a healthy, natural lifestyle. Shane and I will be there to help guide you! It’s like having us in your back pocket. 🙂


We are going to make this SO fun and delicious for you.

For our opening event, we are offering $50 off the ticket price!


Save your spot in class for only $97!

(Regular price $147)

Get your tickets HERE!

I also created a Facebook Event for your up to the minute details!

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