The 3 Money Blocks Standing In Your Way of Making 6 Figures or More as a Hairstylist

What are Money Blocks?!

Money blocks are things that hold you back from being financially abundant. They’re not tangible things like a low salary or a high level of debt. They’re things that are deep-rooted in your mindset, that perhaps make you spend in a certain way, or stop you from sticking to goals and plans because of a habit you formed decades or years ago.

When it comes to sorting your money out, we tend to want the more actionable tips and quick-wins that we can logically equate to extra cash in our bank accounts. And while those type of actionable tips are important, they only take you so far. They are like a band aid for your bank account, but you know that sooner or later you’re going to need something that will last you forever so you don’t keep needing band aids.

Unpacking the reasons you are the way you are with money will allow you to take new, empowering actions to show up in a new way to your business, It will positively change the way you interact with clients, and ultimately how much money ends up in your bank account.

This free training will reveal the 3 Money Blocks Standing In Your Way of Making 6 Figures as a Hairstylist and How to Remove Them.

You will discover:

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I learned that these 3 money blocks all applied to me!! Making these simple changes (I started immediately) has already helped me. I'm excited to see what comes next! 😊 Thanks for the awesome workshop Ashley! ♡
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Ashley's coaching is INCREDIBLE. Since watching her training, my business has grown exponentially and I'm attracting the clients I want!
Tania Crawford
Tania Crawford
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I can't believe this education was free! So excited to implement all this - I feel SO much better about the direction of my business.

Meet Your Mentor

Ashley Diana is the founder of Unapologetic Hair Pro and a mentor to thousands of Hair Professionals all over the world who want to find success, happiness and balance in life!


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