Hey y’all! Some people have been asking me whats been happening since the breakup, so I decided to write a quick little post to share what’s up.

In a nutshell, I am doing really well! HUGE progress is happening in my personal life + biz life. (really cool stuff!)

There have been days where I have felt sad and discouraged, but those days are definitely outweighed by all the positive things happening around me.

I watched a great Ted Talk the other night, and I swear it snapped me out of it and I was like OMG ASH, this is it!

I find if you I stay in your head too much, it’s easy to make up a bunch of shit that makes you feel sorry for yourself about or it just makes you feel shitty in general.

For anyone who has gone through a breakup, my advice is to keep busy, stop complaining, and find something creative to work on everyday.

In my life, to stay positive and happy, here are a few things I do every day:

  • I write down the 5 things I am grateful for that day
  • I stretch
  • I am always brainstorming new ideas
  • I plan new things to look forward to (like my trip soon to visit my family!)
  • I’m continuously creating
  • I surround myself with awesome people that inspire me
  • I read funny memes (I love the sassy pages on Instagram like @betches @daddyissues_ @hoegivesnofucks @thehandyj)
  • I diffuse my essential oils (Stress Away, Grapefruit, Orange, & Joy are some current faves)
  • I value my pamper time! (I put on yummy foot creams and wear soft moisturizing socks to bed)
  • I snuggle Lily (duh!)
  • I believe that everything is working out for my divine plan

And in Tot News…

Lily is clearly malnourished. Ha!

The ‘lil tot is doing fab. She’s a happy little nugget. She is into solid foods now, and is rolling over on her belly!

She is ALWAYS a trooper and ready for an adventure.

Let me tell ya what’s been happening in my blog world!!

  – First of all, I have a new business partner / creative director.

His name is Alex (@alexkingcreative), and he’s awesome! I feel so fortunate to have him with me! (I’ll introduce him on Snap soon!)

Professionally, I finally know I’m back on track!

I feel like for the past couple years it has not been easy to find my spark, which is kind of weird considering that I wrote a whole post about it! Don’t get me wrong…I have been happy…I am naturally a really happy camper, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get off track. I’m human just like everyone else – I know we all fall victim to losing our direction sometimes. For example, I used to be so on point with my blog schedule and I never let anything slip behind. I always shared my nutrition tips, posted my recipe videos on snapchat, and shared valuable inspirational content. I am so happy to be sharing all of this again! It feels so right.

No more dropping the ball, ladies!!

TOTALLY back on track now, and I seriously could not be more excited. (fucking finally!) Pardon the French, but this deserves an F bomb.

 – I hired a new blog photographer!

Her name is Natalie (@postproductions), and she’s a rockstar. We do 1-2 shoots per month, and she’s helping create and curate some really great content. Also, she makes an appearance in my upcoming online program…


YES! I have an online program coming out this year! I am beyond excited for this. I would tell you the deets now, but it’s kind of a secret. The program is one-of-a-kind, and it is designed to help so many people. It’s almost complete, and will be launched in the next few months.

 – Coming up, here’s what you can expect on the blog & social media:

  •  I am bringing back #TeaTuesday (Those who have been with me from the start will remember this. I am so excited to bring this back. I love sharing new types of tea, new ways to use tea, and this time around I’ll also be sharing the books that I’m reading. It’s like an afternoon tea time girls date, but online.. 🙂
  • Smoothie Sunday is starting on Insta! Be sure to tune in every Sunday, and I’ll be posting a brand new healthy recipe. (This coming Sunday is Tropical Lime!)
  • I have new quote / inspirational series that I am starting this week on Instagram.
  • Monthly Makeover will begin this summer! My bestie, Janelle (@janelleloveshair), and I are teaming up to give one lucky gal each month a beauty makeover!! 💇🏼  This will be a cut, color, makeup, and professional photo shoot deal! We will be sharing the details of how to enter soon. Follow our hair pages for more deets – mine is (@missashleyhair)

Thanks to YOU ALL for supporting me!

Even through all the messy times and the ups & downs, I feel so grateful to have a loving community of supporters.

I meet with a therapist every month, and this week she said something that really opened up a lot for me. She said that there is no right or wrong time to be happy. You shouldn’t dim your happiness because it may hurt someone. Also, you can’t make a big impact while flying under the radar.

This had me thinking about my “breakup update,” and I realized I had gone through some emotions of feeling shameful for being happy. Even though my ex has been dating new people for a while, there have still been parts of me that have been afraid to be happy. People can often be judgmental when they think that “you shouldn’t do this” or “you shouldn’t say that,” but the truth is that we all deserve to be happy and live the life we design.

I am so happy to be feeling clear and focusing on what I love to do!

What I love to do is inspire women to live healthy, beautiful, and fulfilled lives.

Thanks again you all. I love you!



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