The last few days in Las Vegas have been surreal and unimaginable. It’s heartbreaking how evil people can be and it absolutely breaks my heart. I normally don’t take a stance on topics such as this, but this hits SO close to home. I felt like I needed to mention it here on the blog and bring more awareness to the fundraiser for the victims.

With the October 1st mass shooting here in my city of Las Vegas, the world has turned to blame many things – the one clear culprit being guns.

The forceful taking of guns from law-abiding citizens, in my opinion, is not the best answer to these problems. Gun control may help, but its not the root of the problem. The crazy thing is that, if we were going to attempt to take guns away from citizens, the only way to forcefully take guns away is by arming police officers (government) with guns! (Such a wild & backwards thought that hadn’t even crossed my mind until recently)

In the end, this event was an act of murder. Murder through any method is illegal, yet that doesn’t stop it from happening. If someone is driven to murder, whether with guns or other ways, I don’t believe that laws will stop them from carrying out their urge. 😰

Whether it’s with an automatic weapon or a small pistol, murder is murder (not saying automatic guns should be legal – they prob shouldn’t be). If we decide to ban ALL guns, in the future will we actually feel we’ve done a great job protecting people if in the next mass shooting, only 10 people die because the gunman only had a pistol and not an automatic weapon? Serious question – maybe we have different answers. In my opinion, the answer is no, and a murder is still a murder – even one life lost is still a major tragedy.

Gun control is not what this post is about though. This post is about getting to the cause of the problem.

I feel we are gravely missing the point, and the mass media isn’t helping. In fact, if anything, mass media contributes to the problem.

I believe that we’ve been trained to treat the symptoms of a problem instead of the cause.

When we’re sick, we take antibiotics instead of changing our health habits and diet.

When we’re depressed, we take antidepressants instead of surrounding ourselves with people and activities that make us feel good.

When we’re frustrated in our relationship, we seek to either ignore the issue or replace the needs we so desperately want and meet them with temporary satisfactions.

When a mass murder happens, we say that we need increased security, metal detectors in hotels, less guns, stronger windows, & bullet proof vests.

I truly believe that the root causes of murder, hate, insecurity, jealousy – all of these emotions that fuel criminal activity, begin at childhood.

We must raise children that know they are loved, appreciated, and understood!

I’ve been a mother for exactly 10 months now (happy 10 month birthday Lilygoat!) and while I won’t be one of those parents that says “OMG everything changes after you become a parent,” I will say that you begin to see patterns in a child’s behavior and see how that the slightest influences in a young child’s life can impact their future habits and choices.

I don’t claim to be an expert on parenting. Actually, I’m about to begin looking into “Peaceful Parenting” to make sure I’m equipped to be the role model for Lily that she needs. What I know is that the core of the problems in our world come back to the fact that we need to improve child upbringing.

I’m willing to be opposed to this view, but from what I know, I have never heard of a mass murderer that grew up with or had an extremely loving support system around them. I’ve never heard of a murderer that continually had supportive people around them who were attempting to empathize and understand their hardship.

If we parent as an awakened family and raise conscious children from the start, there will be no mass murderers, hate crimes, or bullying. What our children learn from home is what they grow up to be as adults.

I realize that some people are reading this thinking, “Well that sounds great, but we can never be sure that every child is raised in a conscious, loving home.” My response to that is that I agree, but why not try?! We attempt to try everything else – why not try to really start supporting the fuck out of families and families in the areas where more of this negative upbringing is more prominent?! This is a slow fix that takes generations, but it’s worth it – it’s worth it to try!

If you know someone who believes that their past and their upbringing has impacted their life and beliefs in negative ways, the best thing to can do for them is to listen with a loving ear, connect and empathize with them on a way they may have never felt before and finally let them know…

“It’s not your fault, and it’s time to stop carrying the blame.”

Finally, here’s some simple ways you can help the people affected by this tragedy:

Please consider donating to the official Go Fund Me account. Anything helps!


Here’s some resources that I encourage you to read or watch regarding the Las Vegas shooting and Peaceful Parenting:

Las Vegas Shooting & Peaceful Parenting

The Awakened Family

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