Tea Tuesday is here, and today I bring you a refreshing and healthy chilled herbal tea.  I love, love, love, herbal tea, and mint tea is one of my favorites,  Herbal tea is naturally caffeine free, and actually isn’t “tea.”  It is only an infusion of leaves, sees, herbs, or bark extracted in hot water.  The great thing about herbal tea is that you get all the benefits of plant extracts along with hydration and relaxation.

Mint herbal tea is delicious as well as a classic.  You cannot go wrong with mint tea.  Mint tea is excellent for digestion and also has been shown to suppress viruses.  I am drinking the 365 brand of Mint Tea from Whole Foods.  I added two essential oils, Orange and Lavender to create a refreshing and unique tea concoction.

Lavender is very powerful, so this tea only needed one drop.  Lavender is naturally soothing and helps with relaxation. Orange pairs beautifully with mint, and it is naturally uplifting!


Lavender Orange Mint Tea


3 Cups Mint Tea, chilled

3 Drops Orange Essential Oil

1 Drop Lavender Essential Oil

1-2 Drops Liquid Stevia


1.  Brew the mint tea.

2.  Chill tea.  

3.  Once chilled, add essential oils and stevia.


If you want to learn more about essential oils, please feel free to email me or leave your email address in the comments and I will personally contact you.  🙂 My friends and I love to share with our love of essential oils with other healthy living friends.

tea tuesday




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