Ashley Diana is an Influencer, Speaker and Business Mentor committed to inspiring and educating women to live happy and successful lives.

Ashley believes in an Unapologetic and uncensored approach to personal & professional development.

Through her Blog, Instagram, Private Coaching & Online Programs she empowers and inspires women to become the best version of themselves.

Additional Hair Bio

As a Hair Professional for over a decade, Ashley has rebuilt her clientele 3 times in 3 different cities and eventually, decided to only offer luxury hair extension services exclusively as a Great Lengths Certified Professional.

She brings her knowledge of the branding, business building and social media world to Hair Professionals through her online programs, Social Media for Hair Stylists and Unapologetic Hair Pro.


Let’s go way back. Before starting the blog, I was enrolled in college on a full scholarship, but after a year I left college to pursue my passion in creating my own beauty brand.

I attended cosmetology school and started working for a high end salon in North Carolina. Later I moved to Texas and continued to work in the beauty industry (I am highly qualified at creating BIG Texas hair).

I married someone a hell of a lot older than me at age 23, and during my mid-20’s I became very interested in nutrition. My interest in nutrition probably stemmed from wanting to keep my husband alive as long as possible, and I realized that Botox was in my near future if I didn’t start eating more greens.

All kidding aside, wellness had become a huge part of my life, and I decided that integrating health into my future beauty brand was the perfect recipe for success.

When I moved to Las Vegas in 2013, I finally had the time to start planning my blog. My goal with the blog was to create a platform where health and beauty meet. Personally, I was so tired of seeing hippie health blogs. The granola blogs I was seeing did not attract me to healthy eating. I got the impression that I would have to change my whole lifestyle in order to be a healthy eater (and I would have to stop shaving my armpits). This was just not my style. I knew that my niche would be different because my background begins in beauty, and I also because I like to talk about realness.

Ashley Diana, the blog, highlights the beauty in everything. Written in a fun, approachable, quirky manner; I basically don’t care what other people think and I share my life and tell it how it is and what you need to hear. We talk serious stuff here, and it only gets better and better.

I work full time on the blog.

Also, I work in a boutique salon in Las Vegas where I collaborate with hair brands to create custom looks for styling campaigns.

I only work on extension clients and hair campaigns. You can find my professional hair site here, and some awesome hair posts here!

There is not one “cure-all” for hair growth. Healthy hair starts with a healthy body, and also with the right education in treating your hair properly. A healthy diet full of whole plant foods is the best way to stimulate healthy hair growth, but make sure to take care of your hair by using healthy products and low heat styling.

You can read about some of my favorite herbs and teas to promote healthy hair growth here, and more tips for healthy hair.

I have several brand partnerships and collaborations with restaurants.  I sell my ebook, Marvelous Milkshakes, and my online program, Infinite Influence, which teaches other influencers/bloggers how to create an online brand and make money online.

For professional images on the blog, I use a Canon Mark III 5D. I use my 100mm lens for most of my food shots, my 50mm lens for extreme close-ups, and my zoom lens for full body shots. I use natural lighting for almost everything, but I keep a few soft box lights handy.

For many instagram photos I use my iPhone. I find that people really connect with “realness” on social media. As time passes, people are less attracted to edited and curated galleries (as far as social influencers are concerned).

For years I used Photoshop, but now I have found that simple editing applitcations take less time and experience, yet still, artistically, make a big impact. Inside Infinite Influence, I have tutorials that show exactly what apps I use and how I edit my photos.

This depends on the day, and the project. I take all the shots that include food, beauty, home decor, products, etc.

I have a photographer, Natalie, who takes all the photos of Lily and I.

I also have a business partner, Alex, who is in charge of all things video and technical.

Nope, but I was married at one time. I wrote about my divorce here, and its one of my top blog posts to date. If you’re interested in that, then you’ll really want to read the breakup post. These two posts are for anyone who has ever loved, or has been through a breakup, and wants come out stronger on the other side.

All of my baby and motherhood posts can be found here.

You can find details on the best restaurants in Las Vegas HERE.

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