I am so happy you are here to read this post about antioxidants. This is HUGE, and I can’t believe its not front and center on every magazine & blog.

Do you know how important antioxidants are?

I know you’ve heard that you need to eat more blueberries, eat acai, and of course, eat more greens. “They” always say it’s for more antioxidants, but do you really know why you need antioxidants? I mean, what the heck are they anyway?

Antioxidants fight free radicals.

Free radicals are highly unstable, crazy molecules that are a byproduct of chemical reactions in our cells after we are exposed to toxins. Free radicals can come from cigarette smoke, foods processed with chemicals, radiation, or pollution (to name a few). Once one free radical is formed, it creates a domino effect, creating many more free radicals as a result.

Basically, free radical damage is going to happen whether we like or not. Our bodies are so amazing that they have defenses against this crap, but when the strength of these defenses are outweighed by the amount of free radicals themselves, they can cause lasting harm.

The great news is that there are some things we can do to combat cell damage – Antioxidants!

Which brings to the topic of the day.

There is one drink that you can enjoy daily that will give you 3 DAYS WORTH of Antioxidants in only one cup!

Chai Tea.

Why? Because all the spices!

Cloves – Cinnamon – Cardamom – Nutmeg – Ginger

Cloves & Cinnamon are the most antioxidant packed substances on the planet, and HOW COOL that you can get all that goodness in one cup of tea!

My absolute FAVORITE type of chai tea comes from the American Tea Room. In my opinion, they carry the best and highest quality teas. Their Cape Town Chai is insane (This one is caffeine free too. I like to drink it at night). Make sure to get FREE shipping with any order over $50. I promise you’ll be happy! I have all my family hooked on ATR now. 😝 (My faves teas from ATR are CT Chai, Coconut Oolong, Yame Gyokuro, American Beauty, and Silver Needles).

Watch this 50 second video where Dr. Greger (one of my fave medical doctors) talks about chai tea!

Drinking one cup of chai tea per day is a really easy way to start a healthy habit. No matter how busy you are or what you have going on, I know you can make this one cup of tea per day.

If you want to make it a latte, drop a spoonful of sweetener (I like erythritol) and a splash of milk into your tea. I do this a lot and it’s so delicious.

P.S. Check out some of my other healthy drinks here.

What’s your favorite kind of tea? Do you have an antioxidant tip?? I would’ve to hear!





  1. Hi Ashley! First, your posts are always so pretty and Yay for tea Tuesday again! I love that chai tea too but had no idea it was so good for me! I was thinking about buying one of those milk frothers to make lattes. Have u tried these? Not sure how well they work with coconut/almond milk. Also, my favorite tea from ATR is Ambrosia, it’s a light white tea. And can we talk about those COOKIES! 😋

    1. Thank you Lizzy! You’re so sweet. (And yes, YAY for Tea Tuesday!) I have never used the milk brother, but it sounds really fun! Ill need to try the Ambrosia. I need to stock up on my teas asap.


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