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Since I shared all my helpful pregnancy posts last year, I know I’ve had many new mamas follow the blog, so I’m sharing the essentials you need for labor as well!

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Today I’m sharing my essentials you need for labor and the immediately aftermath. Last year I made a list of all the things I packed in my hospital bag. Some of them were useful and some, not so much. THIS LIST is everything that I brought that I couldn’t live without.

I know we don’t all have the same needs when it comes to labor, but add these to your list and make sure you have these.

Let me know your must-haves in the comments!

Exercise / Birthing Ball

Right when my contractions kicked in hardcore, I could not lie on the bed anymore. I had to move into another position, but my body was also too tired to stand up. THANK GOD I brought my Exercise Ball with me (some call this a birthing ball). I sat on the ball and rolled my hips with every contraction. This helped to ease my mind and ease my body. Of course at some point nothing helped the pain (other than my epidural!), but for a couple hours, I was so thankful that I could find some comfort in the rotating on the exercise ball. FYI, most hospitals don’t supply birthing balls due to sanitary reasons, so you WILL need to bring your own, or triple check with your hospital.

Stretchy Pants

If you’re pregnant, then you’re prob already rocking the Stretchy Pants. Stretchy pants are something I can’t live without (pregnant or not pregnant), but just remember to take them with you in your hospital bag. You’re definitely not going to want to wear anything that’s not comfy after giving birth and on the way home they are convenient too. I personally liked wearing stretchy pants after birth bc it kept all the granny panties and stuff in place. Yes, I said granny panties.

Fleece Robe

I LIVED in my Fleece Robe once I got home! Granted I also delivered my baby in December, but I just love fleece robes because they are cozy and not sexy lol. I could give 2 shits about being sexy after birthing a child, so fleece was my BFF. Wearing a robe all day made it so easy to open up and breastfeed, and it was dual purpose as the coziness of the robe kept Lily warm. You can pick these up anywhere! Such a staple.


Nipple Balm

Please protect those ta-ta’s from day 1. Also get a lactation specialist ASAP after delivering your baby so they can show you the proper way to breastfeed. I didn’t have anyone show me how to do it correctly until day 3, and by then my boobs were royally screwed. Either way, you’ll still need Nipple Balm to help protect chapped skin. Also, cabbage. The cabbage leaves on the boobs as a natural remedy actually helps to relieve pain. Try it, trust me!

New Bottom Va-Jay Spray

I don’t need to go into graphic detail here, but just buy this ok? I didn’t do any of the sitz baths that many people recommend, but I did use this witch hazel New Mama Bottom Spray concoction to ease pain and swelling and to speed healing. Let’s move along, but just make sure to get this!

Body Pillow

Even after having a baby, I cannot live without my body pillow. I am so used to sleeping with it now, it’s like a part of me! This Total Body Pillow is SO awesome because it supports your front and back (and by that I mean both sides while you sleep because we all know you can’t lie on your back while pregnant). When I had my big belly, I found myself rolling to the middle of the bed because my balance was off even when sleeping, so I really liked this because it kept my body supported while on my side.


I read about bringing sugar-free suckers in my favorite pregnancy book, but I didn’t actually realize how helpful they would be. When you are in labor, they really don’t like you to drink tons of liquid, and your mouth can get super dry. I was throwing back suckers left & right because my mouth was dry, and also tasting the flavor took my mind off the contractions for a moment, and when you’re in labor, any spare moment that you’re not in pain is a miracle. The Zollipop Sugar-Free Suckers are SO GOOD! I love them bc they don’t use artificial sweeteners, and they are sweetened with natural sweeteners that doesn’t screw up your teeth, erythritol & xylitol. (I’m very protective over my teeth and I hate sugary candy that causes cavities lol)

Granny Panties

It is not time to be cute after birthing a baby. Theres a few reasons you need to stock up on some Granny Panties. One, because you need to be comfortable. Two, because they are going to get ruined. Let’s put it this way and say that   you don’t stop bleeding right after you have a baby. You’re prob going to bleed for a few weeks (I did for 4 weeks to the day), and even if you have a C-section you’ll still have bleeding. You get my drift, so grab some grannies for the hospital bag.

Lip Balm

Like I said earlier, my mouth and lips got so dry while in labor. I was addicted to my Lavender Lip Balm by Young Living because it’s SO moisturizing, and the scent was calming. I also love the grapefruit scent too. This is my favorite lip balm ever!

Prune Juice

A lot of blogs don’t like to talk about this, but we are getting real here today. So you’ve just pushed a human out of your va-jay, you’re full of stitches, and now it’s time to poop. Yep, I said it. I was scared AF for the first post-delivery poop. Not to mention that if you’re taking prescription pain pills after birth one of the biggest side effects is constipation – NOT a word you want to hear after giving birth!! I ate kale salads and Prune Juice, and lots of water after birth, and I’m happy to say that the 1st #2 was not a tragic experience. I know this seems like TMI, but you’ll thank me later.

So there you have it, all the essentials you need for labor. And be sure to check out more article on motherhood and having a baby here.





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