Ok so you’re supposed to meet your girls for dinner, your hair is a hot mess, AND you’re late! (Hmmm this sounds far too familiar lol!)  Quick fix is to throw the hair in a bun… hey it’s messy chic, right? Now, break out the bright lipstick! A bold pop of color on your lips will fancy up any outfit, and make you feel amazing!


Two Words: Dry Shampoo. Get it done! I use dry shampoo like it’s going out of style! When your hair doesn’t have enough volume, or if it’s just downright greasy, grab yourself the bottle of dry shampoo and go to town. Apply directly at the root, and massage it lightly into your scalp, and voila! Volume + freshness all in one can!  

I love Pureology’s Dry Shampoo! <<Check it out babes!


Give your skin a healthy, dewy glow with Illuminator Lotion. I like this lotion from Urban Decay


In my opinion, not much makes me feel worse than a chipped manicure. Is your nail polish looking shabby? Grab a bottle of remover, and repaint with a nice clear polish. Natural, glossed nails are much more attractive than an old used-to-be pretty manicure. Another pick me up, is to dab your nails with cuticle oil! Lavender Cuticle Oil is my little secret beauty weapon. It makes my skin look moist, but also the lavender brightens my mood and makes me smile!  Learn how to make your own DIY Cuticle Oil HERE!! (It’s soooo easy!!!)

When I’m in a super big hurry and my nails are shabby, I’ll paint over them with glitter polish because, lets be honest, you can’t really mess up glitter polish! (and I totally love that!!) Pixie Dust Polish from Zoya is my all time fave glitter polish. It’s basically an essential! 🙂


Stretch! Lean over and touch your toes! This stretch opens up the hip joints and lower back, where most people store their tension. It is important for our bodies to have some sort of inversion daily. This creates blood flow to the top of the body, and it also gives your cheeks a pretty glow! You’ll be amazed at how revived you feel after a simple stretch!


  1. I like to apply a coco matte eyeshadow using a thin brush lightly dipped in water to line my eyebrows !

    Winter Time Favs:
    Love to use coconut oil for everything hair, body and face!
    For cold winter dry hands I love a paraffin dip followed by coconut oil!
    Coconut oil/sugar scrub is easy to make and super moisturizing for entire body.
    To keep the Frizzy hair at bay I use coconut oil and I get a bonus shine.

    1. Hi Shari! I love your tips; thanks for sharing them! 🙂 You have great uses for coconut oil! I’ll have to remember your paraffin dip ritual…I haven’t used paraffin in a while, and that sounds really nice!! XOXO, Ashley.

  2. Great lip color, Ashley. One of my favorites — hot pinks and corals. Don’t guess you remember what brand and shade it was; do you?

    Love your blog!

      1. Thanks, Ashley. I’ll look that up and see about getting some. Enjoying your site and Facebook page. My only suggestion for improvement? Fewer berries, more lipstick! 😉

        Xs and Os right back at ya.

  3. Just come across your blog so not sure if you have answered this somewhere else but isn’t Urban Decay (in your number 3 tip) owned by L’Oreal, who allow animal testing on their products?

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