For my first hair tutorial on the blog, I thought I should start with a banging braid!  I love this look because it can be dressy or casual!  The key to making the braid unforgettable is to pull the outer sides of each plait outward as to create tons of volume within the braid.  This technique will make it appear as if you have triple the amount of hair.

If you have shorter hair, you can use the same technique, #1-5, just tie off the hair closer to the shoulder and “pull out” the braid on the scalp! Enjoy!



1.  Pick a side part.  Brush hair thoroughly to remove any tangles, as tangles will make the braiding difficult.  The hair does not have to be stick straight.

2.  Grab all the hair on the heavy parted side in front of the ear.  Leave the hair behind the ear alone.

3.  Start with 3 strands of hair, as you would in a traditional french braid. 

4.  Start braiding with an “UNDER – UNDER” motion.  NOTE: If you braid this style with each strand OVER the top of one another, you will NOT achieve the look.  Each strand must be placed UNDER the other.

5.   Continue braiding with an under the strand motion.  Once you are off the scalp, start grabbing hair from behind the ear to incorporate into the braid.

6.  Once all the hair from the back is incorporated, continue down with a three strand braid.  This braid does not need to be tight.

7.  Tie off with an elastic.  I like to use clear elastics, which you can easily buy at a beauty supply store or Target.  If you have black hair, you should use a black elastic.

8-10.  Starting just above the elastic, pull each plait outward.  Pull only the outside pieces of hair.  We want to create as much fabulous braid surface area as possible.  

11-12.  Continue up the braid and very carefully pull out the sides here as well.  

13-14.  Smile, you’re so glam!

{Fabulous photo credit to my girl Melanie of MJBlack Photography}


  1. Ashley – so beautiful!!!! It seems like this style would look much better on thicker/more volume hair. If you don’t mind sharing, can you tell me what’s your hair care regiment? My hair has gotten a bit thinner over the years, and I’m currently trying to get it thicker/more volumized. Do you take supplements or moisturize/do hair treatments frequently?

    1. Hi Nadia! I styled this braid on my girlfriend last week, and her hair is about the 1/4 of the volume/thickness of mine. It still looked really pretty, only the tail of the braid was not as thick. On thinner hair you will have to pull out the sides of each plait a bit wider to create the fullness in the braid. I wear hair extensions. That is the reason my hair is so long and thick. I wear Great Lengths fusion extensions, and they are applied by an licensed Great Lengths extensionist. As far as professionally applied hair extensions are concerned, Great Lengths is by far the best. When I had my hair salon, I was a Great Lengths stylist and GL extensions are the best and quickest way to give fine/thin hair bulk, volume, and density. If you are interested, I can help you find someone in your area.

      Another way to add quick bulk to your hair is with clip in hair extensions. You can clip 1-2 pieces in your nape area and then style this braid, hiding the extensions, and it will make a night and day difference in the outcome.

      As far as taking care of your own hair, I recommend making sure to keep your hot tools under 260 degrees, any higher than that and the heat starts to slowly break down the hair (keratinization). The lowest heat possible is best. Nioxin is the best product for regrowing hair. (I do not know if it vegan/crueltyfree etc) You can probably find it at Ulta. A healthy diet is the best way to keep the hair growing continually. I also really like dry shampoo. It works great for giving hair volume. Pureology makes a great volume shampoo > http://rstyle.me/~37WyY They also make a dry shampoo.

      I do weekly hair masks, but honestly that is more for moisturizing and it won’t help your hair grow from the scalp. I don’t recommend hair vitamins because they generally contain Biotin. Biotin has been known to cause cystic acne.

      A great haircut can also make worlds of difference in the volume your hair has!

      Hope this helps, please let me know if you have anymore questions!

  2. Hi Ashley! I love your hair! I live in Vegas and naturally have red hair would love to have color like yours. Can I ask you who does your hair in town? Thanks – Alexa

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