What quick fix comes to mind when you’re stressed? Wine, Coffee, Ice Cream?? How about tea?!  Tea is a huge stress fighter, but that is not all its benefits!  This antioxidant-rich, flavonoid-packed, and aroma-filled beverage has a lot more to offer.


1. Tea boosts physical endurance by directing the energy towards fueling the body, rather than giving empty calories. It therefore not only cuts on extra fat but also improves muscle endurance by utilizing that energy to build physique.

2. Tea reduces stress levels not only with its pleasant aroma and delicious taste, but also by actually reducing levels of stress hormones in the body. It can also control raised blood pressure, bringing back the stress to normal.

3. Tea fights harmful free radicals that can damage the body at a molecular level. Tea is full of antioxidants like polyphenols.  These polyphenols have high absorbance capacity, making it number one beverage that gets the body rid of cellular damage which can otherwise contribute to cancer, heart disease, and neurological degeneration.

4. Tea helps combat Type 2 Diabetes by helping diabetics to process sugar better. It does so by preventing diabetes with its glucose-inhibiting characteristics, making glucose or sugar comparatively low in the blood and thus leading to less insulin resistance. (Then again if you are diabetic you should highly consider switching to an all plant based diet and rid your body of diabetes! Read The Starch Solution)

5. Tea makes you look younger and gorgeous by doing tons to your skin. Extracts of tea can inhibit aging or wrinkle formation.  It can also keep your joints younger and running without wear by strengthening collagen.

6. Tea minimizes risks of heart attack and stroke by almost 70%! Having tea keeps your arteries smooth and clog-free by helping to remove unwanted blood clots of cholesterol or platelets in the blood. Compared to non-tea drinkers, tea drinkers suffer a lot less by heart diseases and stroke in general.

7. Tea is less caffeinated than coffee, and in fact, has two to three times less caffeine than coffee. 8 ounce of coffee contains 135 mg caffeine whereas the same amount of tea has only 30 to 40 mg of caffeine. To switch to a better option, tea should always come first.

8. Tea races up your metabolism (well…some do..) and hence, helps lose weight. Just drinking additional few cups of tea a day can help you lose 70 to 80 calories freely. This is because tea burns fat and utilizes calories to jazz up the working condition of body, thus keeping you active, alert and slim.

9. Tea hydrates your body as it contributes to body’s fluid needs. Especially during winters when our thirst is low, having tea not only replenishes daily fluid requirements but also moisturizes our skin, making it less irritating in dry, windy weather.

10. Tea protects against UV rays of the sun and works as a mild back-up sunscreen. It can help recover from radiation and sunburn too, due to its massive skin lightening and cleansing properties.

Want to know some awesome benefits of your favorites types of tea!?! Check them out HERE!  Some of these may surprise you! 🙂



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