Hey guys! Here’s a quick little Saturday post for ya. In short, it’s all about how to make aloe ice cubes for your sunburn!

Since we know summer isn’t over yet, I have a fun little DIY recipe that you can use over the next couple months.

When I was visiting my family in South Carolina last month, mom and I made aloe vera ice cubes. It’s obviously a killer idea, right? I mean, seriously, what’s better after a sunburn than chilled aloe on your skin?

For the first time, I actually got a little sun this year. Normally, I’m the freak who wears SPF 500 and stays under the umbrella. However, my mom on the other hand, is a sun lover.Β  Mom gets all nice and brown. Whereas, I simply turn a lovely shade of “beet.”

Aloe Ice CubesAnyways, this recipe is easy AF.

Plus, it’s something fun to show off to your friends.

To clarify, you can really use whatever kind of aloe you like. For this particular recipe, I used 1/2 gel and 1/2 liquid aloe (only because I was running low on the gel).

Next time, I’ll put a drop of Lavender into each ice cube. In fact, lavender is seriously great for soothing a sunburn too!

Also, surprisingly, cantaloupe is great for sunburns as well. It’s true, if you eats lot of cantaloupe before going out in the sun, it truly helps to protect your skin (a little) from the sun.

Aloe Ice Cubes for Sunburn

Author Ashley Diana


  • Organic Aloe fresh or from the bottle


  1. Squeeze or pour into ice tray. (make sure everyone knows they aren't regular ice cubes)

  2. Freeze 2 hours.

  3. Rub the cubes on ya burnt body.

Also, make sure people in the family don’t mistake these for regular ice cubes or your green tea ice cubes!

Plus, DO NOT forget to put sunscreen on though, especially on overcast days! To put it another way, the more overcast it is, the more you should apply. So, those are the days you want to load up! Ultimately, we don’t want premature age spots.

Finally, make sure to remember to apply to the tops of your ears, your eyelids, any part lines in your hair. Also make sure to get the tops of your hands and feet as well!

So, here you go and happy sunbathing. Xo!

Aloe Ice Cubes





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