Very excited to resume Tea Tuesday today! Did you catch my last blog that mentioned all the newness happening on the blog this year? Well, Tea Tuesday was something I used to share a long time ago when I first started my blog. I stopped it for a while, and I actually really missed sharing it, so it’s back…forever. 🙂

Today I’m talking about green tea ice cubes and why you need them in your life! Freezing green tea is something that I started doing recently as a part of a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast? Yep!

I’m putting green tea ice cubes in my morning smoothie!

Not only do green tea ice cubes add a frothy texture to smoothies, but they protective catechins & polyphenols to your smoothies (which is basically just anti-cancer goodness). These types of nutrients may help provide protection against the development of cancer growth and cellular damage.

I used green tea ice cubes in my latest smoothie recipe, Tropical Antioxidant Lime.

Here’s how to brew your tea the right way:

  • Use an organic, high quality green tea.
  • Steep the tea for 1-2 minutes (green tea is very delicate and can turn bitter is brewed for too long).
  • By removing the tea leaves at the proper time, your tea will retain more nutrients (and also not extract too much caffeine).
  • Pour tea into an ice tray and freeze overnight.
  • These will last indefinitely!
  • Once frozen, pop them out and put them into a freezer bag.
  • Throw a handful of ice cubes into any smoothie.


You can use these for more than smoothies! Why not do a DIY at-home ice facial and rub a cube all over your face? I’m are talking “shrink pores + antioxidant skin boost” here!

I just thought about this, but why not add green tea ice cubes to your lemonade? Hmmm…that just gave me an idea for a really cute photo, AND a treat for July 4th! How fun, refreshing, and chic would that be?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Tea Tuesday series. Love y’all!




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