Green tea is so freakin amazing; especially in this Green Tea Facial Toner I created!

Well, actually all tea is amazing, but green tea is just super incredible.

Presently, I love love LOVE using tea in all kinds of ways.

It was about four years ago that I got really interested in tea. In fact, the history behind tea is quite impressive, plus what you can learn is endless. At one time, I even looked up how I could become a tea sommelier (lol seriously)…you know like instead of a wine guru, a tea guru. I mean, why not?!

Anyways, onto the subject of today.

Green Tea Facial Toner.

Currently, I am obsessed with face spritzers. (I’ll actually make a fresh finds roundup of all my favorite ones soon!)

As a matter of fact, I use facial spritzers all throughout the day. They help keep your skin moisturized, your skin supple with antioxidants, and they are a great “pick-me-up.”

In particular, this recipe is so easy to make and it feels marvelous to spray on your face throughout the day.

Bonus: this whole bottle of green tea facial toner only costs about $1.46, seriously. (1 bottle + 1 tea bag)

In addition, I really enjoy this toner chilled, and I easily just cold brew the tea overnight and transfer the liquid to a spray bottle in the morning.

Here’s how to make this refreshing toner:

  • Fill one 8 ounce mug to glass with water.
  • Add green tea bag.
  • Cover with plastic wrap.
  • Place in refrigerator overnight. (This will cold brew your tea and keep it nice & chilled for you in the AM)
  • Toss tea bag, and transfer liquid to a spray bottle.
  • Keep the spray in the refrigerator or place in a cool cabinet in your bathroom.
  • Mist generously on your face! Do not wipe off.
  • Spray anytime you like!
  • If you want to get extra beauty points, add a few drops of vitamin E oil and/or your favorite essential oil! I would personally use lavender or orange.

By the way, if this kind of thing is up your alley, then you’ll love these revitalizing eye masks (pictured above). They are my favorite cheapie beauty item. Surprisingly, I buy them at the Dollar Tree (yep only $1!), or you can buy online here. I keep them in the refrigerator, and and I use them multiple times a day just because! Really easy beauty hack!

So, share this with any friends the you think will find this useful!

Xo, Ash.







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