Happy December everyone!

We have been seriously busy over here with moving into our new house and preparing for Lily’s birthday party (she’s going to be one next week)! Are you excited for the holidays? I normally decorate really early, but this year I don’t even have the decorations on the tree yet. The tree has made it out of the box, but it’s quite naked at the moment! #Momlife is in full effect right now – ha!

Today I am very excited to share, the first hairstyle in a series of holiday hairstyle videos!

I mean, WHY has it taken me so long to finally have legit hair videos?

Anyways, this 1/2 up messy ‘do, is my go-to style for when I have NO IDEA what to do with my hair. This happened by accident one day, as I was pulling up my hair to curl the bottom, and I thought that the 1/2 up thing looked pretty cute, and I basically started wearing it every day from then on. ๐Ÿ˜† Is it just me or does big hair and/or tall hair styles make you look thinner and taller?!

Here are the steps to create your own messy bun:

  • Spritz hair with hair spray, texture spray, or dry shampoo to give the hair extra grip & texture.
  • Starting at one inch above the ear, part hair in clean line up to the crown of the head.
  • Secure with a hair tie.
  • To lift the pony tail, tighten the hair from underneath to create volume on top.
  • Back comb the pony tail to create more volume.
  • Using another hair tie, pull the hair halfway through the loop (but not all the way through!).
  • Twist the hair around, to cover the tie.
  • Tuck the “tail” of the pony inside & over the hair tie.
  • Use a hair pin to tuck away any loose hairs, and to secure the bun.
  • Spritz with a hard hold hair spray for all day wear!

What’s your go-to easy hairstyle?


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