It has arrived! My list of the best hair dyes for use in at-home applications. Of course, since I am a salon professional, I have to say that going to the salon is usually the best decision, but these natural dyes will certainly work beautifully. The key is to choose the right color for your hair and your desired look.

This post is a follow up to my more detailed post on Coloring Hair During Pregnancy. In the previous post I breakdown the chemicals you should avoid when looking for a healthier, alternative to standard hair color.


I have searched through many at-home, natural dyes, and many of them are located in the UK. That isn’t surprising considering Europe has much more strict regulations on the chemicals added in beauty products.  There are other brands I found that were only available on Amazon, but I felt a little leery of those. If they aren’t sold from a trusted online source or the distributor itself, you just never know if the product has been tampered with or if it is the original.

The choices below are the ones that I found most professional and most accessible.

Tints of Nature


Madison Reed

Colour Me Organic


Logona Herbal Hair Color

Sante Herbal Hair Color

Hair Print  – This is a brand new, revolutionary approach to covering gray hair. It’s not technically hair dye, it actually goes in and changes the molecular structure of your gray strands and leaves the hair the shade of your natural hair (before going gray). Without going into too much detail, you cannot choose a color; Hair Print color matches your gray to your natural born color. Please check their website for more details and you’ll see what I mean. They have a video that explains more. This is a product designed for someone who wants an extremely natural looking color.


Here is my salon client, Makena, whom we dyed from a platinum blonde to a light brunette tone using all natural hair dye. Just a great example of how natural dyes can work beautifully! The extra harsh chemicals are generally not necessary. (There are always exceptions to the rule, and in some hair emergencies other measures need to be taken, BUT in my experience, I have had great success using natural dyes, and I would recommend them).

Let me know in the comments if there are any other at-home brands that you love!



    1. You may need to buy them online. The only place they would sell any of these would be at a health store – I would call & check with Herbally Grounded. Detox Salon also uses professional organic hair color. 🙂

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