A few years ago, I started taking a few yoga classes.  I was really intimidated to take my first class, and I definitely had a little anxiety.  I hoped I would be able to master these crazy yoga poses I had seen in pictures.  I had a friend who helped me prepare with a few useful tips, and I want to share those with you today!

Upon entering my first class, I happily discovered that the instructor loved newbie students, and turns out this is the case with most all yoga instructors!  If you are new to yoga, take my advice and don’t be intimidated…the best thing to do is get excited and get ready to be blissed out.



Don’t worry, you don’t need 500 designer yoga outfits to get started in class.  Find a couple, very comfortable and form fitting outfits.  I like to wear stretchy yoga leggings like these pictured!  These are from Peach Pop Fashion and I’m wearing their Psychadelic Leggings (they are So comfortable and I highly recommend them)!  Form fitting attire is better than loose fitting clothing because it allows the instructor to see your form.




Sounds silly, but make sure you start with a Basic Yoga Class or Yoga Level one.  Even though instructors love newbies, they will be much happier to help guide you along if you are in a slow moving class! 🙂 If you really want to give yoga a good shot, set your goal and make it to 7-10 consecutive classes.  This will create form a healthy habit, and you will also begin to see some improvement in your poses!



Please remember to breathe in class.  You will continuously hear the instructor guiding you on your breath, and it is for a good purpose.  Concentrated breath helps the body move easier onto poses, and it also has an impressive affect on your mind/body relaxation.



Most importantly, don’t try to overexert yourself!  Listen to your body, and if a muscle is holding back…be gentle with it.  The great thing about yoga, is that no one is there to judge.  Even if everyone in the class can touch their toes and you can’t, who cares?!  That is the beauty of yoga…it’s a peaceful, relaxing, and non judgmental environment.  Take a deep breath, stretch, and enjoy yourself!





  1. My friends have been trying to get my into yoga for a few weeks now but I have definitely been intimidated. It is really great to hear that a lot of instructors like newbie students! I will have to keep an eye out for some cute yoga outfits for my first class. I think that these tips will really help me, thank you so much for sharing them as well as your insights!

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