Oh my BABY. 6 weeks away!

The realness is starting to kick in.

We have been watching our “childbirth education” videos on youtube, and mid-way through I started hyperventilating…and crying. Ha.

But seriously…

When we got to the video about the stages of labor, I basically lost my marbles for a moment because I realized how damn close I am to the finale this pregnancy!

Not to worry, I feel much better now! I guess it was one of those #hormotional moments.

Well, you guessed it! The lil tot is the size of a Pineapple this week.

Although I want her to come in December, it wouldn’t surprise me if she comes early. She’s just so darn active and I am feeling even more pressure than usual!

All things are going really awesome, but it has been a little rough sleeping the past few nights. The pregnancy sinus issues kick in at night time and I am like a beached whale in the bed….it’s quite hard to move around AND breathe lol! I can’t complain though; I have had such a smooth pregnancy. If the only issues I have are a stuffy nose and trouble rolling around then I think I’m doing pretty well!

My friends threw Lily and I a beautiful baby shower last Sunday! It was SOOO gorgeous. I am gathering the photos tonight to post this week (along with a hot mama cocktail recipe)!

We had the nursery painted! Below is as far as we have gotten with the room, lol! Only the crib is our together. Lots more to do this week and next.

I’m obsessed with the color of the walls, AND the crib!


I am still waiting on the dresser and the bedding to arrive, and then it will time to find cute things for the walls!

That’s all that’s up right now! Just trucking along and building a human. 🙂Baby Pineapple LR1-1

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