The key to life is simply believing in yourself.  When we believe in ourselves, we have less conflict, less stress, more success, and more happiness!

This weekend I had a nice long chat with a friend about business and how to handle “certain types” of people we come across in our business.  As many of you know, and some of you will find out soon enough, in any business, you meet many different types of people.  Some encounters are harmonious – they lift you up with creativity, support, and positivity.  Other encounters can be quite dreadful – they are unhealthy, one-sided, and toxic.  Even though we do our best to minimize the latter, it is inevitable that sometimes we will encounter the dreaded “user.”  The important thing is that we know how to avoid it as much as possible and we know how to handle ourselves so we attract less of that type.

First thing first:  Remember that your energy tells people about you.  “Like attracts like.”  If you want to be surrounded by ambitious, confident, supportive, genuine, happy people, then YOU are going to have to become that yourself.

Pay attention to the people that surround you.  Are they amazingly wonderful, positive, and supportive? (I hope so!)  Or are they aggressive, dramatic, and negative?  Take a hard look and be honest with yourself.

If you find yourself with friends or colleagues that are of the “user” type, then it is time you reevaluate yourself and focus on how to bring the sparkle back into your life!  If you don’t have healthy boundaries and if you don’t respect yourself, people will pick up on this like white on rice, and you’ll find yourself in all kinds of sticky situations!  It imperative that you let people know that you honor yourself, that your time is valuable, and that you will not tolerate them taking advantage of you.

Remember that YOU teach people how to treat you.  If you cherish yourself and believe in what you do then others will respect that and not take advantage of you.  Put out the confidence vibe and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!



  1. Hi Ashley,
    You are so right! And it is hard when some of those toxic people that surround you happen to be your family. I realized I needed to cut ties with some family members recently after a few too many negative encounters left me to fall ill for 3 months. And it was then that I realized I needed to make a change. You can’t change others and the way they treat you, but as you said you can teach people how to treat you. And sometimes that means taking yourself out of the equation. Many times making those hard decisions are the ones that save us;). Your inspiring words really help!

    1. Hi Lizzy! You are certainly right, and I have been in that exact situation before as well. It’s really disappointing when family lets you down, but we must realize that OUR wellbeing comes first. I am happy that you decided to put yourself first, and removed yourself from the situation. Thank you for sharing Lizzy!! Enjoy the holidays!


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