Have you been following me on Instagram? If so you know I was featured on Women Who Slay and I was so stoked!

It was SO MUCH FUN speaking alongside Courtney Bentley and it was a great speaking experience for me personally.

If y’all follow my Instagram Stories, you know a big goal of mine is to be a better speaker.ย 

So I was very happy for a chance to practice my speaking skills! But more important, it was an honor and a joy to speak in front of such an amazing group of #BossBabes in the audience.

This event was all about empowering #womenwhowork and to learn from ladies who are killin’ it! The networking was so much fun. And you better believe there was even a little bit of bubbly! ๐Ÿฅ‚

I also loved seeing some Instagram posts that tagged #WomenWhoSlay2018 and it made me so happy to hear how many of them left the event ready to take on the week by storm! It sounds like we achieved the goal! YAASSS ladies! Go get it! Life is too short not to live your best fucking life.

A big message of the event was to START TODAY! Why wait to build your dreams? No one else is going to dream big for you, so go for it.ย 

Done is better than perfect.

I used to take SOOO LONG to start anything because I took way too much time trying to make things perfect. Perfectionism is really the fear of rejection and we need to live by my friend Sean Cannell’s rule;

“Punch perfectionism in the face and just hit publish!”

Good shit right?!

Plus the Palms Resort just made it a super easy space to network, enjoy a sess of ROOFTOP YOGA, and mingle with the baddest of the boss babes in Vegas! So inspiring and I was super proud to help motivate them. It was incredibly energizing to be up there and sharing some boss biz tips on not only staying motivated but some of the steps it takes to succeed!

It left me feeling bliss-ed to the max!

FYI – check out all my fave speaking outfits;

It was also important for me to speak about THINKING BIG! It’s true what Disney said once “the only limit is your imagination” and I believe that with all my heart. So ladies, stop being pegged in a label or pushed in a box. Time to get out and slay!

So did any of y’all attend the event? What did you think? What did you get out of it the most?

And what has been your favorite biz networking event you went to in 2018? Share in the comments, let’s chat!




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