I was recently invited by Unlokt (which is the “key to the city” for local Vegas attractions) and the Encore to host an event at Andreas Restaurant in the Encore Hotel & Casino here in Vegas.  Andreas has been one of my all time favorite spots in Vegas, so I was absolutely honored to be a part of this evening.

I love living in Las Vegas! One of my top reasons for loving this city is the abundance of AMAZING restaurants. I LOVE the fact that many of those restaurants are forward thinking enough to incorporate vegan-friendly dishes into their menus.

Andreas is known for their hip asian dining, and they have an unbelievable asian-inspired vegan menu.  On your next trip to the Vegas strip, make sure to put Andreas on your list.

It is safe to say that I am addicted to their Vegan Spicy Tofu Roll.  Even if you aren’t vegan, I highly recommend for you to try this roll!  All my vegan and non-vegan friends LOVE it.

You can see their menu HERE!  Their vegetarian/vegan menu is located near the bottom.

Two of my favorite health bloggers, Yvonne Ardestani and Cindy Jabukowski flew in from Los Angeles to attend this event with me.  We were so excited to share Andreas’ vegan menu items with our supporters.

Some of my other favorite menu items are their Cucumber Sunumono, the Kabocha Suash Entree, the Tofu Steak, and their Roasted Vegetable Sushi Roll!

I promise that you will be blown away by Andreas’ ambiance and the creativity of their menu.

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  1. I can not tell you how impressed I am with Andrea’s. I love that they are so thoughtful to the vegan community! I am new to the vegan community and it is trying to find a place to dine that can / will meet my dietary needs! In love with their menu! Thank you Ashley for this incredible overview!

    1. HI Lisa!!! 🙂 I feel the same way. I am so grateful for beautiful restaurants like Andrea’s that support the vegan community in such a delicious and glamorous way!

  2. This event was the most amazing event I’ve been too in a long time. The vegan sushi was absolutely the most AMAZING sushi I’ve ever had in my life. I now wish every sushi place had vegan sushi! I hope there’s more events like this to go to!

  3. This event was more than wonderful, what a night! Ashley is right, the food is outstanding in every way, the sushi roll was one of the best vegan sushi rolls I have ever had. My mouth didn’t know it was even possible to get that much flavor in such an exquisite package.
    Had the best time, and would fly back again in a heartbeat. Ashley thank you so much for sharing Andreas Restaurant with me, you host the best parties. I can’t wait for the next one.

  4. I gave eaten at Andrea’s once. One word comes to
    Mind: delightful?looks like a fun filled night!
    You look beautiful and your friends look pretty too.
    I will definitely go there my next visit to vegas. Thumbs
    Up to good things and good times!!???????

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