I used to be a certified Tanorexic, and an active member in Tan-a-holics anonymous. I tanned in tanning beds, sunbathed outdoors, and I even coated myself with orange spray tan. This madness lasted for 8 solid years.

Good news; my Oompah Loompah days are over.

I finally came to my senses.

Not only did I look ridiculous, but I definitely was on my way to leather skin (and skin cancer) by the time I was 30. (which is next week btw! Eeeeek!)

I am very happy that my face doesn’t look like a leather boot. Now I can celebrate my birthday, next week, in style!

How to Protect your skin from the sun, and the best natural sunscreen! #dermae #ashleydiana

Given that I’m preggy right now, everyone is asking me what kind of foods I have been craving. Actually all I have been craving is to be in the WATER! I just want to float around…beached-whale style. 🙂

We are right in the middle of summer (those of us in the States, that is) so this is no time to start skimping on the sunscreen. I am very careful about what I put on my skin, especially now, since I am pregnant. Choosing the right sunscreen is very important. Ordinary sunscreens are loaded with chemicals, and even though they block the sun, they can cause other problems. As always, it’s best to stick with a less-toxic option.

I have been using Dermae’s facial sunscreen for quite a while and I absolutely love it! This summer I added their body lotion sunscreen to my repertoire, and it’s just as fab.

Dermae uses a clear, nanoparticle-free Zinc Oxide, in their sunscreen formula to provide safe, chemical-free broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Fortified with antioxidants Vitamin C and Green Tea — nutrients that have been shown to offer an additional layer of UV protection.

I feel 100% comfortable using Dermae’s products during my pregnancy. In fact, I mentioned a few of their other products (that are great during pregnancy) that I took on my trip to North Carolina last week.

When I think back, It’s so funny to me that years ago all I wanted to do was be brown! Now I’m obsessed with keeping my skin milky white! It’s so interesting to see how our tastes change as we age.

How to Protect your skin from the sun, and the best natural sunscreen! #dermae #ashleydiana

Here are my 5 ways to start protecting your skin from damage:

  1. Sunscreen (of course!) Use it daily and reapply whenever you’re in the sun for long period of time.
  2. Limit sun exposure. Stay indoors when the sun is the most intense.
  3. Wear a wide brimmed hat. Why not bring the big out the big hat? I LOOOOVE a big beach hat; stylish & functional.
  4. Put sunscreen on the tops of your hands to prevent premature aging. This is the one unexpected place that I always put sunscreen. Our hands get sun exposure all the time, yet we overlook protecting them. The sun damage on your hands is a dead giveaway of your age! If you are protecting your face, take an extra moment and be sure to protect the tops of your hands!
  5. Stroll around with an umbrella. Actually I am only halfway serious here. Living in vegas, I see a lot of different people and cultures. Many female asian tourists will walk the strip with a pretty umbrella to protect their skin from the sun. 🙂 I know this is not customary in the states, but I do have to give these ladies major credit!

Ahhhh…..here it is below!! This is exactly what you do NOT want to do! I’m the orange one on the left!


Can you imagine what my skin would have looked like if I wouldn’t have started attending Tan-a-holics Anonymous?! 🙂 This picture was taken 9 years ago, when I was 21.

How to Protect your skin from the sun, and the best natural sunscreen! #dermae #ashleydiana

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All you need to do is this:

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2. Leave a comment for me below and tell me your favorite place to vacation in the summer!

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  1. My Instagram is stephanielozano_

    Not sure if I’m doing this right and I’m sorry if I’m posting double!

    Favorite vacation spot…the Bahamas!! 🙃

  2. Hey Ashley! I popped in from Snapchat! I’m super happy you posted about this because I had melanoma two years ago despite not tanning (I just wouldn’t use sun protection and I’d burn when I’d go outside) and even though I was lucky and it was early stage and I only required surgery, I still had to have a huge part of my skin removed and recover from the surgery with a toddler and a BRAND NEW BABY. It was a wakeup call as well! THANK YOU!!!
    My favorite place to vacation is the beach! I live in the Portland area so the ocean is only 90 minutes away! The sand in my toes, the salty breeze, the sound of the waves 🙂 pure bliss!

    1. Hi Sarah! Wow, I am so happy they caught it early on! Goodness, you went through a lot! I’ve never been to Portland, but I hope to visit soon! XOXo!

  3. My favourite place to visit for summer must be my home country, South Africa! Amazing and breath taking views and always something adventurous to do! A truly special and beautiful place to go. Wild life is exceptional too! This is jademccosh from snapchat Ashely 🙂

    1. Hi there! A couple of my salon clients are also from South Africa. They say the same things about their beautiful country. XOXO!

  4. Hi Ashley, thank you for this opportunity! I work full time and don’t really take too much time off in the summer. I live on Long Island, so on my days off I love to go to the beach or drive out east to the Hampton’s or Montauk. They make for great little mini vacation day trips!

  5. I am not a fan of the heat, so I love going to the mountains! But if I had to pick summery, I’d totally do Tulum 🙂
    Thanks for the tip for our hands! Love it! I always say that you can see the age of a woman by her hands!!! 😉 <3

  6. my favorite summer vacation has to be anywhere with sun and sand! Carolina coast, Mexico, Jamaica or all of the above please!!

  7. My absolute favorite place to vacation any time of the year is the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia! (My home town) I love listening to your snapchats you’re a beautiful and inspiring woman! I love everything you are about 🙂 good luck with your babies 5 month appointment today!

    1. Hi Carissima! Your name is gorgeous, by the way! I want to visit Australia one day. 🙂 Thank you for all your sweet words; you’re a doll! XOXO, Ashley.

  8. Hi Ashley!

    Emma from Ireland here. I love your Snapchats!

    I’ve just come back from visiting friends in North Carolina. I love visiting the States! I can’t resist the food! Great to see more and more veggie and vegan options available everytime I travel there.

    As a redhead I did find the sun, heat and humidity hard to handle though!

    Can’t wait to see your new arrival!

    Love Emma

    1. Hi Emma! Awww North Carolina, my home state! I am happy you are enjoying the States. Yes, the food is very tasty, and lots more healthy options available! Have a blast during your time here! XOXO, Ashley.

  9. Yay! Love this post! I golden really easily! And, i’m always looking for the best cruelty-free, non-toxic spf! Im trying coconut oil right now. Applying it all over my skin before starting my day! And, this Holiday i’m totally treating myself to some essential oils! 💖 Love ya dolly! Mmm and milkshakes! Ohh and My favorite place to VacA is somewhere with tropical fruits and beach access! But, for now lake michigan- in a B&B ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  10. We just got back from a 10 day vacation in Alaska. It was sooo very beautiful and beyond anything I imagined. I can not wait to go back in the summertime, and maybe someday brave a winter trip 🙂 Now following Dermae on IG!

  11. My favorite place to vacation in the summer is an island called Oland, off of the east coast in Sweden. My family has summered there every year for the past 50 years, and the air is the freshest you can find (especially compared to LA where I now live). The light is also very special and that is why many artists live on the island year around. I follow you on Snapchat and I LOVE to be inspired by your healthy lifestyle. I have learned so much already, and I can tell a huge difference in how I feel when eating more plant based. All the best Ashley keep up the being such a colorful inspiration and overall awesome person 🙂 <3

    1. Hi Malin! Wow, the past 50 years…that is great! I am SO happy to hear that you are feeling better by making healthy changing in your lifestyle! Congrats! 🙂 Thank you for all the kindness! XOXO, Ashley.

  12. My favorite place to vacation in the summer is in New Orleans! There is no other place like Nola in the United States. The culture, music and food is addicting and I fall in love even more every time I go back.
    – Shalay (snapchat fam!)

  13. My fav place to holiday is Queensland (Australia) I just got back from a week there and although it’s winter in QLD it’s still beautiful swimming weather.
    I’ve never tanned in the sun, not something that interest me. I do love a good fake tan with a lotion though.
    I wonder if that’s why people think I’m 10 years younger than I am because I never exposed my skin to the sun or tanning bed etc?
    You are absolutely glowing.
    P.s I always wanted to float beached whale style it’s how I knew I was pregnant with my 4th hahah xx

  14. Hi there! Grand Cayman! It’s such a fun friendly island! Swimming with the sting rays is super cool and different. The island is both relaxing and fun to explore! I actually started using a derma-e product right after I had my daughter for my stretch marks and I really notice a difference! You’re such a beautiful inspiration always. Hope you’re feeling fantastic 🙂

  15. My favorite vaca was to Loch Ness, Scotland! I am a total snow bunny and loved being surrounded by nature in a tiny town at the very south end of the Loch. My friends and I stayed in an monastery that was converted into apartments and enjoyed a week of nature and warm home cooking!

  16. Hi. My favorite place for the summer has been hawaii. I’ve only been once but what s beautiful place to be.

  17. Hi Ashley!

    I have been a tan-o-holic for about 6 years now (19yrs-current) and I have been noticing the damage it is slowly doing to my skin. As much as I love a good tan, I love healthy skin more, and I’m finally realizing that as I get older. Thank you for inspiring me even more in this category!

    My favorite place to vacation is Aruba 🙂 nothing beats that crystal clear water!

  18. I am always on the lookout for the perfect sunscreen. This one fits all of my criteria! I would absolutely love to try:)

  19. My favorite place for vacation so far was Costa Rica! Great people, beautiful beaches and delicious fresh fruits and veggies!!!

  20. Hi Ashley!
    Great post 🙂 just curious… What SPF do you use regularly?
    My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii, specifically Maui. So sunscreen is a MUST! Hehe

  21. Hi Ashley! I came from snap chat, love watching your snaps 🙂 I live in Australia and my favourite place to vacation is on a cruise to the Pacific Islands! It is so relaxing and the people are so happy and lovely. It’s nice to get out of the cold winters in Canberra and escape to the warm islands xx

  22. Hi Ashley! My favorite place to vacation is Las Vegas actually! The people watching is gold there 🙂 Hope to see you there next time I go 🙂

    I already follow dermae because of your past recommendations, and I also follow your snapchat! Have a lovely day all!

  23. Hi from Snapchat! My favorite place to vacation is actually Las Vegas (I live in San Antonio). My best friend moved to San Francisco 4 years ago so every year since then we meet up in Vegas to reconnect. (Instagram: OhMissRachael)

  24. There is this amazing port in Nayarit Mexico called San. Blas. There’s a small hidden hotel called “Casa Mañana”. My happy place is on the roof of this hotel watching the sunset while laying in a hammock! AMAZINGLY RELAXING!

  25. Absolutely love Destin, FL! Lived there for a few years and can’t wait to go back. Perfect white sand beaches 🙂

  26. My Insta is Jalapeno86

    I go to California every year and hit a different beach!!
    We also love Disneyland (Although that’s a great place anytime of the year💋)

  27. Hi there! To answer your question on my favorite vacation spot,I would have to say either California or Disney World. I haven’t been on a vacation in years. Having a child, moving almost every year, and financial difficulties put a strain on that. If I can relax or be a kid instead of “adulting” that is my vacation . Best to you and your pregnancy 🙂

  28. I would love to be in Ibiza right now but life has different plans for me. My dog Elsa has taken really ill and I’m just hoping she gets well soon. I have learnt to appreciate life so much more after all the pain I’m going through right now. Thanks for being an amazing vegan and inspiring me to eat healthier. Lots of love to you and your little baby! <3

  29. I like to visit a hippy commune as a vacation and become one with everyone…. And bond with nature, and new friends!💯 yes or stay in a earthship by the beach!!!!

  30. Hey Ashley,
    I will have my honeymoon at Aruba and I think it will be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

    PS I love your blog! You are such an lovely and colourful person, you always make me smile :)♡

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