One thing I cannot live without is TEA.

Growing up I drank lots of iced tea…you know…the sweet kind. I’m from North Carolina; we loooooove our sweet tea. Sweet Tea is part of the southern tradition. 🙂

About three years ago, I dove into the world of tea. I had just begun to dabble in the tea world and about the same time I ran across a tea room in Beverly Hills called The American Tea Room. I had NO IDEA how many delicious teas there were out there until visiting this place!

Let’s not talk about how much money I spent on tea that day. I basically came out of the store with enough tea to last me 14 years. Money well spent though. Not only is tea delicious, it’s extremely therapeutic.

Every morning I have my tea time. Sometimes my tea time lasts for an hour, other times only a few moments as need to hurry out the door. Just as long as I have my tea and a few moments to myself I’m a happy gal.

Being pregnant, I slowed down on most of the caffeinated teas. I still have a little caffeine here and there, but I don’t sit down and drink a whole pot of green tea as I did pre-pregnancy.

Why do I say that these are your teas for your Hot Baby Bod?? Well, if you’re taking care of yourself and treating your body and mind right…then you’re naturally putting yourself in the optimal spot to be one powerful and sexy pregnant tigress! A pregnant mama needs to be relaxed, refreshed, and rested. Incorporating tea time into your pregnancy routine is going to make you SOOOO happy.

So before you drink all the teas below, you have to do me a favor.

You MUST ask your doctor if these teas are right for you. Even though these options are caffeine-free, we must remember that teas are very powerful, and everyone’s body reacts differently to herbs.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t drink any of these teas ALL day long. When approved by your doctor, I would recommend only one cup a day. One cup will provide you with the health benefits and also give you the relaxation time that you DEFINITELY deserve while growing a human. 🙂

Raspberry Leaf Tea – prepares uterus for labor (experts recommend drinking it after 24 weeks)

Chamomile Tea – relaxation (my fave brand of chamomile)

Mint Tea – relaxation & nausea

Ginger Tea – nausea (this brand is the best ginger tea ever)

Fennel Tea – heartburn & gas

Nettle Tea – allergies & iron boost

Alfalfa Tea – morning sickness, constipation, iron boost (don’t consume this if you’re on blood thinners)

One tea that I did want to mention that has been noted to boost lactation in nursing mother’s AFTER pregnancy is Anise tea. Some say this one isn’t recommended during pregnancy, but it could be perfect for you post-pregnancy. As always, check with the doc!

I also have to recommend to you my FAVORITE pregnancy book; The Mindful Mom-To-Be. Written by a professional doula and pregnancy coach, this has seriously been my pregnancy bible. It is packed with all kinds of helpful pregnancy tips and natural remedies.

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