9 months officially! She’s the size of Swiss Chard! Wow, this all happened so fast. Thank goodness we have nine months to prepare (well, I’m my case 6 months lol).

I have been getting really nervous because many women have told me that they gave birth two – three weeks early. Two – three weeks early?! That would be like me having the baby next week. Oh my. Well, I guess you can’t plan these things!

I go to the doctor every week now for my checkups. I am learning all kinds of new things every week. Starting at week 36, the doctor checks your cervix each time to see if the cervix has moved. When the cervix starts opening, that means you’re getting much closer to childbirth! Mine has not opened yet, and that was a big relief to me…at least I have a little more time. I go back to the doc next tuesday, so we will see what she says then!

I am packing my hospital bag very soon, and I’ll be sharing what’s in the bag next week on the blog!Baby is the size of Swiss Chard! #36weeks #pregnancy

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