Is it just me or does 37 weeks sound so much further along than 36?? I guess it does for me because I hear SO many people say that they delivered naturally at 37 weeks.


The countdown has officially begun. 22 days until baby! Due date is December 5th!

Well, she’s about the size of Bok Choy, and to be honest, I am running out of veggie comparisons. Next week is supposed to be Rhubard, but I can’t find it anywhere! I may have to improvise.

Well, I am quite excited! The stroller and car seat are assembled. I have a great bassinet awaiting Lily, and my family has plans to visit during the holidays.

In other holiday news, the house is decorated! I am obsessed with my tree this year. I love flocked trees.


Now that I’m rockin’ that santa belly,ย it’s time to rest (if I can, lol), and try to keep little Lily in there for another couple weeks or so.

Send good vibes my way that Lilypad hangs out a bit longer hehe ๐Ÿ™‚Baby Bok Choy LR1 edited

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