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We are at the end of 16 weeks, and I decided to change up the photo sesh this week! Instead of an Avocado-size, I realized she’s basically about the size of a donut! As you may have seen on Snapchat (@MissAshleyDiana), I had a hard time finding a donut that was photo-worthy! Ha! This rainbow one made the cut.

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So this week has been pretty cool, and just as I expected, the little one has been moving around a bit more! Also, just as expected, I can’t button my pants.

So during week 16, the baby is growing stronger facial muscles that allow her to make her first facial expressions! Awww a little grin! 🙂 She is even starting to have baby eyelashes and baby brows!

Guess what else? The little bones in her ear are enabling her to hear sounds. You heard right! 🙂 Since she will be born right before Christmas, momma bear is already playing Christmas music so she can hear it! Studies show that songs babies hear in the womb they can recognize once they are born.  I decided she needs to recognize Christmas carols since she is a Christmas baby after all! Not surprisingly, Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I am SO EXCITED that I will have a  lil Christmas tot! Shane loves Christmas too…perhaps not in July, but he will learn to love it. Lol!


So let me tell you about the essential oils that I have been using during on my belly during the pregnancy.

As you know it’s imperative to keep your growing tummy moisturized. We want to avoid stretch marks if possible! I’ve solely been using sweet almond oil as my moisturizer all over my body. In the morning I apply the oils below to my belly, and in the evening I apply the same morning oils + my evening oils.

Morning & Evening

Lavender – for skin conditioning, may help prevent stretch marks!

Frankincense – also for skin conditioning and helping prevent stretch marks.

Copiaba – this oil, when added to other oils helps intensify the absorption.

Progessence Plus – designed specifically for women’s hormones. I use this daily on my lower abdomen and also apply to my neck.

Evening Only

Stress Away – Although I use this oil throughout the whole day, I add it to the tummy routine in the evening. As you would guess, this oil greatly reduces any anxiety that I have so I want to share that love with my girl too.

Gratitude – An amazing blend that helps bring relief to the body while helping foster a grateful attitude.

Inner Child – This blend stimulates memory response and helps one reconnect with their inner-child or identity.

White Angelica – Increases and strengthens the aura around the body to bring a sense of protection. It’s frequency neutralizes negative energy.

On snapchat I often show the oils I am using and I have received a lot of interest from you guys. I am putting together a short video series that I can email out to you that will tell you why I LOVE the oils so much, how they changed my life, and how I use them.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, please email me [email protected] with “Essential Oils” as the subject.

Or comment your email address below and I will contact you!

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I DONUT want this pregnancy to end! It’s such a great feeling!


  1. The christmas songs is such a great idea!

    Being pregnant is beautiful and such a surreal journey, I loved having my bump.

    I used essential oils in my pregnancy and still do, they are amazing.

    Loving your blog.

    Kristy x

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