We had such a fun time in South Carolina seeing family.

Our flight to SC was pretty rough (as in looooong), but Lily was such a champ. Next time I’ll carry-on less items. I had my purse and her diaper bag, but I would have been better off just with one bag. When your baby cries on the airplane, you don’t want to look through two bags for what you need! So, yes, note to self, next time only one bag!

The most important thing we had on the plane ride was her Unicorn Headphone Headband.

Greatest. Invention. Ever.

I plugged the headband into the iPad, and Lily was able to watch Tinkerbell and Trolls, and she could listen to white noise when it was time for a nap.

We spent 2 weeks with the family! I could not wait to show Lil the ocean, and just as expected she went nuts for it! This kid LOVES the water!

While we were on our trip, Lily had a lot of “firsts” – She ate avocado, saw rain, rode on a boat, played in the sand, had a beach photo shoot, dressed up for the fourth of July, and wore mommy’s pink one piece swimsuit from when she was a little girl!

I’ve uploaded some of my favorite photos from the trip. Scroll through and let me know what is your favorite!

Love y’all!

Where did you go on your first vacation with your baby?



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