Newlie Diaper Bag & Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress #pregnancyfashion

There have been two dresses that I keep wearing over and over again during the pregnancy.

My Ingrid And Isabel Ruched Tank Dresses from Nordstrom.

You’ve seen these dresses all over my Snapchat, in Insta selfies, and I even wore this burgundy one at my recent cooking class…Oh, and I wear them at the salon too!

They are SO comfortable and versatile, and I like the fact that I can dress either up or down.

This dressย in burgundy is actually on sale now!

Newlie Diaper Bag & Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress #pregnancyfashion

This Bag.

Oh, my, mommas…

This isn’t just any ordinary bag! This is a Newlie bag!

This is a shimmery, silvery, hot momma, diaper bag!

You wouldn’t have even known it’s a diaper bag right?

Newlie Diaper Bag

I’ve been carrying it the past week, and I keep getting compliments on it! I picked my mom up from the airport last week (she is visiting me in Las Vegas for the month of September, YAY!) and she immediately said she wanted a bag like mine! She was floored when I said it was my future diaper bag.

Newlie Diaper Bag & Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress #pregnancyfashion

When diaper bags become a fashion statement, and when you can wear fancy heels with your maternity tank dress, you know that maternity fashion has come a long way! I am very happy to be pregnant in 2016. ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is the same dress in “Cobalt Space Dye!” I dressed this look down, by wearing flat sandals and tossing on neon pink purse.

Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress #pregnancyfashion

If you see me out and about in Vegas, it is highly likely that you’ll see me wearing this dress!

Next I need to figure out how to dress this look appropriately for fall because I know I’m going to be wearing this through the entire pregnancy!

Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress #pregnancyfashion

Why not rock this baby bump in full color to Whole Foods? I say YES!

Make sure to check out all of Ingrid and Isabel’s designs…they are SO many more that I’m sure y’all will love.

Also go check out those hot momma diaper bags from Newlie. Beautiful and well-made bags! (currently obsessed!)

Do you have any maternity favorites?! Let me know in the comments!


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