Top Plant Based Foods During Pregnancy #healthypregnancy #pregnancy

Life has gotten REALLY busy the past couple weeks, but with all good things. Shane and I hosted our first cooking class, I have been super busy in the salon working on hair extension projects for Great Lengths, my mom is visiting me in Las Vegas, AND let’s not forget that the ‘lil tot is getting bigger and BIGGER by the day! My mom is surprised at how much she is kicking! She is a strong ‘lil tot.

Here’s a quick little update on the past few baby weeks, as well as my top foods for a plant-based pregnancy. No matter what your diet consists of, we can all eat more veggies and we can especially be more conscious about our food choices while pregnant.

Leafy Greens – lots of iron and folate

Ginger – calms nausea

Mushrooms – fights infections and pain

Prunes – keeps the digestion flowing smoothly

Tempeh – whole soy, great for plant-based protein

Walnuts – healthy fat for baby brain development

Pumpkin Seeds – high in iron

Navy Beans – high in iodine, protein, and fiber

Almonds – healthy fat for brain development

Sesame Seeds – highest amount of calcium of any food

Quinoa – Satisfies hunger, and high in iron

Flaxseed – Best omgea 3 fat for brain development and nursing

Oats – great for promoting lactation and very satiating


Week 26…the ‘lil tot is the size of an acorn squash! In perfect time for fall I may add. I am very excited that she becomes winter veggie-sized appropriately with the season. 🙂


The week prior, week 25, she was a small cauliflower!

aaaand…Week 24 didn’t make it to the blog. I hated everything about the photo, lol, but during the the 24th week, the ‘lil tot was the size of a cucumber!


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