September yay yay…Tired of boring fall decor? Check out these unique fall decor items!

I’m totally basic when it comes to the fall. I get just as excited as every other blogger where I want to put pumpkin in everything and turn my house upside down with fall decor.

Actually I decorate for the fall even more than I do for Christmas. I feel like I get a lot of use out of my autumn decor because I can enjoy it for a full 3 months.

Back when I was married and lived in Texas, my fall decor was very “harvesty,” and by that I mean it was very warm toned (oranges/reds/browns) in order to match our rustic-style house. Nothing is wrong with traditional autumn decor, but my personal style is more reflective of contemporary items and cool tones. I like to style with unique fall decor meaning cute/quirky pieces, chic yet flashy colors, and unexpected pizazz.

This year I won’t have the extra time to decorate for the holidays because I’m in this transition period, and actually all my holiday boxes are still stored in the old house… BUT that doesn’t mean that I won’t be joining in on all the fall fun here on the blog and with festive recipes!

Today, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite unique fall decor finds to share with you.

Unique Fall Decor // Nontraditional Fall Decor // Contemporary Fall Decorations

Glass Pumpkin

  • I have a pumpkin very similar to this one that I bought at Pier 1 last year. It’s one of my favorite pieces. I like it because it’s cute, functional, non-traditional, easy to style and store.

Agate Bookends

  • Anything agate, I love! You can find agate bookends in a variety of colors, but I love this color tone because it screams “natural elegance.” I think its a perfect style accent for a unique fall decor item, but it’s also great purchase because you can rearrange it with other items to make it work for anytime of year.

Silver Wood Vase

  • I love pieces that with a natural and industrial element. Not only does this work so well as a contemporary fall vase, but it’s something that you can use all year long. For the fall add some artificial branches (maybe painted in a metallic amber color) or dried pampas grass, and in the spring replace with faux French lavender.

Leaf Shower Curtain

  • I’m kinda a sucker for fun shower curtains only because it’s SO easy to change the whole look of the bathroom with just the switch of the curtain. I thought this one was contemporary and fun, yet still has a traditional touch. Would be fun for a guest bathroom, right?

Purple Pumpkin Pillow

  • Surprise! A purple pillow. I know you’re shocked. 🙂 This will DEF make it into my home. It comes in a variety of colors, so make sure to find which color suits your home the best. Pillows are an obsession of mine. I absolutely love to change out pillows on my sofa. It’s an quick and cost effective  way to change the look of your living room without changing the furniture. For the fall, sub in one festive pillow for your usual to give your sofa just the right amount of holiday pizazz.

Sunset Falls Art

  • Find a small space in your home where you an easily change out a wall hanging according to the seasons. A powder room, a small entry way, or hallway are great places to rotate your art pieces. I love this sunset art because of the balance of warm and cool tones.

Fall Succulent Plant

  • If you’re like me, then you can’t keep any plants alive, even succulents. I now opt for faux plants, and I love keeping faux succulents around my home. This fall-inspired succulent plant is so great for your home in the fall. I picture it alongside your hot cup of tea on your side table. 🙂


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