Berries are one of my favorite fruits, and they are fantastic because there are so many of them to choose from! I eat berries every day! They are sweet, delicious and, it has to be said, they are beautiful to look at too!

Berries are low in sugar and high in nutrients, meaning they are among the best foods you can eat!  The radiant color of berries mean that they are packed full of anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, and cancer fighting ninjas!  Berries’ help reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation, prevent DNA damage (woohoo), and inhibit tumor growth! Berry consumption has been linked to lowered risk of diabetes and cognitive decline.   Berries are also an ideal food for the brain – berry consumption improves both motor coordination and memory.

If all that juicy berry info doesn’t make you want to dive headfirst into a bowl of berry love, then I don’t know what will!!!!


What could be more tempting than a bowl of fresh strawberries on a picnic blanket in summer? Or that first sip of a cup of goji berry tea? Or the smell of a delicious gooseberry pie warming in the oven? Yep, berries are delicious, and they’re also packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Whatever your favorite berries are, now you have an excuse to eat more of them:

strawberriestextStrawberries are, without doubt, one of the most popular berries – and it’s easy to see why!  They are full of flavor, delicious raw, and one of the more famous aphrodisiacs!  Strawberries are high in Vitamins C & K, folate, and potassium. They are also packed with fiber!  Fiber protects against inflammatory diseases, heart disease and many cancers (including colon!!!). Strawberries are delicious when eaten raw, taste great in smoothies, and are the perfect ingredient for a homemade dairy free ice cream.


Blueberries are the second most popular berry in the US. These delicious berries are high in flavor, packed with antioxidants and can be used in a variety of ways. Research has found that eating blueberries regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even lower cholesterol. Blueberries are also believed to help with cognitive function and protect the brain. Blueberries are tasty raw, great on cereal and make the perfect filling for a summer pie.


These sweet looking berries make the perfect relish on fancy desserts, and are great for your health. Raspberries contain potassium, calcium and folate. Raspberries contain high levels of antioxidants which are thought to fight stress, protect male fertility and decrease the risk of miscarriage. These yummy berries can be enjoyed raw, baked into dairy free chocolate brownies, and added to fruity cocktails.


Blackberries are a delicious berry that can be bought at your local store, or – if you love the great outdoors – picked in the wild. There’s nothing better than heading out to the country with an empty basket, and returning home with enough foraged berries to make jam. Blackberries are rich in Vitamin C, and contain lots of antioxidants. They are great for keeping your skin healthy, your mind sharp and your digestive system healthy. They make the perfect fall pie, taste amazing raw, can be whipped up into a delicious dairy free milkshake.


Goji berries contain beta-carotene which leaves your skin glowing and looking healthy. They’re also great for boosting the immune system, and can help rid you of nasty cold symptoms. They are full of fiber, and high in protein. Add raw goji berries to your trail mix, add a handful to your morning smoothie, or eat a goji energy bar to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Goji Berries are my secret antioxidant ingredient in my Chocolate Superfood Dip!!!


Maqui berries are small, bursting with flavor, and native to South America. Maqui berries contain the antioxidant anthocyanin, which research has identified may boost the body’s defenses against high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This antioxidant is also believed to protect against inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. I like to buy my Maqui berries in powdered form.  I add a teaspoon to smoothies!  They add a great antioxidant punch to raw dishes!

Here is a Maqui Berry Powder that I use.


Whortleberries, or bilberries as they as sometimes known, are sweet, delicious and great to look at. Similar in appearance to blueberries, these miniature berries are packed with antioxidants that keep your skin looking healthy. They can fight wrinkles, keep bruising to a minimum and even keep spots to a minimum. Whortleberries are also great for vein health, helping to reduce the risk of varicose veins. Whortleberries can be eaten raw, turned into jam, or used in all kinds of delicious desserts.


These might arguably be the least popular berry out there, but I love them. Gooseberries are tart in flavor, and know how to hold their own when it comes to health benefits. Gooseberries are high in Vitamin C and Manganese, and full of that all-important fiber that your body needs. Gooseberries taste great in crumbles and pies, and can also be added to smoothies for some extra flavor.

Gooseberries are also made into powder form known as Amla Powder.  I use it in my smoothies! It doesn’t take much, and a little goes a long way as far as antioxidant content!!  If you buy any powdered food, Amla Powder is my top recommendation.  HERE is the one I use.

You may not have heard of Schizandra berries before, but bonus points for you if you have. Schizandra berries are not the sort of berry you’d put on top of your dairy-free cheesecake. They are traditionally used in medicine, and are known for tasting sweet, salty, pungent, sour and bitter all at the same time. Schizandra berries have many health benefits, including reducing stress, promoting concentration and reducing mental fatigue. Schizandra berries, dried or in powdered form, can be added to smoothies and juice drinks for an extra health boost!

One of my Tea Tuesday blog posts is all about Schizandra Berry Tea! (which I think is the best way to obtain Schizandra nutrients!)




  1. Hey! I have been a huge fan of your blog for like… forever, and i’m so proud of your accomplishments with your new website! I was just wondering if you posted youtube videos yet. And if you did, how do i get to them? I would love love LOVE to see you upload videos, it would make my day. You have motivated me to eat healthier, and i couldn’t have done it without you. Your fabulous, keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Olivia! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind message. You definitely brightened my day. 🙂 I do not have YouTube videos yet, but I am planning to start them after the first of the year! I am very excited about it! I hope you have a beautiful day, and I am very proud of you for staying motivated and keeping up with your healthy lifestyle.


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