Celery Juice has been super popular on the ‘gram in 2018. Will it still be a health trend in 2019?

Yep, for sure.

I definitely wouldn’t consider it a trend. It may have started that way, but it’s a juice that is here to stay.

Let me start by saying that I hate raw celery.ย I don’t like it with peanut butter. I despise it on a fruit tray. I don’t like it in Bloody Marys.

I like celery JUICE though!ย I think celery juice is very smooth and pleasant.ย I know, so weird. ๐Ÿ˜

My friend, Noelle, told me that celery juice is like Nature’s Gatorade. After she told me that I started looking into juicing celery. I know how healthy fresh, raw veggies are, and it’s always irritated me that I didn’t enjoy raw celery. It’s so healthy and beneficial, I wanted a way to (maybe) enjoy it.

Plus, celery is super cheap. If I had hated the juice, it wouldn’t have cost an arm and a leg to make it (like many juices).

So I tried it, and to my surprise, I really liked it!

I shared it on Instagram an I was happy, yet surprised at how many people were interested in celery juice. I received soooo many questions!

I highly recommend adding celery juice to your morning routine.

Celery is a S U P E R F O O D.

Often we forget about our common veggies as superfoods because coconut oil and acai berries were marketed better than good ‘ol celery! #truth

You don’t have to spend a bazillion dollars on fancy superfoods to be wildly healthy! Just look in your local market and try to buy organic, if possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

Celery is best on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It’s loaded with detox properties that will start to cleanse your system and reset your mind & body for the day ahead. Try drinking a big glass of celery juice every morning for 7 days and see how you feel!

Here are 3 reasons why you’ll want to drink celery juice:

Gut Health

All health or lack thereof starts in the gut. Celery juice helps enable your body to be more efficient at digesting your food thus helps with creating a healthier gut & healthier life. Many people suffer with low stomach acids (especially if you have an autoimmune disorder or you’re highly stressed – ugh stress is crazy huh?) which makes it harder to break down foods (indigestion, IBS, acid reflux…stuff like that). Also, BYE BYE BLOAT! If you struggle with bloating, try the celery juice hack.

Less Cravings

When your body is getting more of it’s nutritional needs met, you won’t have so many highs and lows of food cravings. Celery is actually very high in natural sodium. When we drink celery juice, our bodies say, “YASS Salty Betch More MORE!” Our bodies need sodium and minerals! If you feel fatigued on a regular basis, try skipping the bag of tater chips and start a morning celery juice routine. I have a feeling, that the celery juice will start to balance your cravings and give you more energy. ๐Ÿ™‚

All The Zen Feels

One of the first things I noticed about celery juice is how it made me feel mentally. I started looking forward to it every morning because I knew it would make me feel zen – for real. I started reading about celery juice, and I read that is actually can your have a positive affect on your blood pressure; one of celery’s nutrients,ย phthalide, helps relax the muscles in blood vessels and has anti-hypertension benefits. It literally helps calm your body (and mind) and I felt this within a couple days of starting my celery juice mornings. Celery is also high in magnesium, which helps promote stress-free happy feelings.

Let me know what you think about celery juice below!

Be sure to search “JUICING” on the blog for more. ๐Ÿ’œ

By the way, below is how to make celery juice! Oh, and my glass straws are HERE. (obsessed with these)

Celery Juice

Servings 1
Author Ashley Diana


  • 4-5 Celery Stalks


  1. Run Celery stalks through a juicer! Drink up. That's it. ๐Ÿ’œ


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