Oh my goodness, I wonder if this little girl will be festive like mama! (Is it okay if I say, I HOPE SO?!) Our ‘lil tot is the size of a plump heirloom tomato this week…just in time for the fourth of July!

In the evenings when I have some quiet time (which isn’t much considering the abnormally long to-do list I have made for myself before the baby comes) I continue reading in my baby books. I am still loving The Kind Mama and Dr. Fuhrman’s Disease Proof Your Child.

What we eat creates the materials to build our cells. As for pregnancy, I truly believe that the foods we eat, while we are carrying our child, are the building blocks for our babies DNA. Also the foods we eat during pregnancy can make or break OUR bodies as mothers.

Digestion slows down during pregnant because our intestines carefully take extra time to absorb more vitamins and minerals out of the food passing through. More than ever it is important to eat foods that are super high in fiber and adding in foods that are anti-inflammatory! It is imperative that your body gets ample fiber otherwise you’ll end up with constipation or even worse, yucky hemorrhoids!

The pressure of your uterus on your colon can make it more difficult for food to pass through. Also your body is absorbing LOTS more liquid, so again, this situation can be slowed even more.

Are you a fast eater? If so, your digestion can run even slower than normal. Chewing each bite really really well helps move everything easily down and out. Remember, this is a special time for you and your baby. Sit down, take a breather, and enjoy your food that is nourishing your little being inside of you.

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 Here’s what you can eat to improve your digestion ASAP!

Fruit and WATER WATER WATER! Perhaps even together! Add fruit and herbs to your water to boost the amount of fluids you’re drinking. For many people the hint of added flavor makes them drink much more.

Vegetables are your bestie. Each meal is an opportunity to load up! Your intestines will be smiling all day with these veggies passing through!

Green Leafys! Eat these ALL the time! Fill up a dump truck with green and drop it off at your house. Greens are your miracle food. Add a small handful (the amount that you can hide in your fist won’t change the flavor) to your green smoothie. For lunch eat a big leafy salad. For dinner, steam your greens and sprinkle them with garlic powder and a pinch of pink salt.

Beans! Aim to eat at least 1/2 Cup of beans a day. Change them up bc each type has its own super power. Add some to every salad, and always add beans to soup.

Eat grains in their whole form! Eating grains in an unprocessed form makes for easier digestion. (Example: wheat berries as opposed to foods made with wheat flour)

Soup! The heat from soup relaxes the intestines and prepares them for digestion. Eating soup daily is a great way to eat all your veggies, grains, and beans, and also the perfect way to have a relaxed digestive system.

Flaxseeds! These mighty seeds add tons of extra fiber to your diet. Add ground ground flaxseeds to your morning green smoothie and also add a tablespoon into your soup recipes.

Prunes! Hope this doesn’t scare you! I am actually a huge prune fan. People often forget that prunes are a tasty, healthy, fiberlicious snack. Want to sweeten your smoothies? Try sweetening them with prunes as opposed to dates for even more of a fiber-packed punch!

Other Ways to improve pregnancy digestion?

As much as possible, avoid cheese, sugar, and meat. These all are disastrous for the intestines during pregnancy. Want a difficult, slow poop sesh?? Eat lots of meat and cheese. 🙁

Exercise! Moving helps move all our foods through our bodily systems. We are designed to move freely and that’s how our bodies operate best!

What are your suggestions for improving digestion?

Happy Fourth of July to my American friends! Lots of fun things coming up next week on the blog! I’m headed to North Carolina next weekend for a family baby shower! AWWW 🙂

Little baby is the size of an heirloom tomato! #4months #plantbasedbaby @MissAshleyDiana


  1. When I was pregnant all 4 times I couldn’t keep any food down not even kidding haha. And if people came near me with takeaway the smell of processed greasy food would make me worse.
    Your looking absolutely gorgeous 💜
    Happy 4th 🇱🇷
    Ooh I purchased your marvellous milkshake book… Omg can’t wait to make some!!!
    Kristy x

    1. Hi Kristy! Oh my goodness…4 times! That’s awesome. One of my close friends had the same experience during her pregnancy. I guess I have been pretty fortunate that I’ve been feeling well throughout the pregnancy so far! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the book!! Let me know which is your fave.


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