If you’ve been watching my Snapchat (@MissAshleyDiana) you know that my current mood has been DONUTS.  I’ve been wearing them, baking them, and eating them.  In honor of my new favorite doughnut coasters, I decided to make a sweet and creamy smoothie recipe that just as indulgent as a doughnut!

So speaking of the coasters, these coasters are hand painted!  I LOVE supporting local businesses and artists.  These are oil painted on white marble and they are spectacular in person.  You can find them on Etsy HERE!  (If you aren’t a donut collector, then I would suggest that you check out the wine coasters, they are really beautiful too!)



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  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to try this. I am a donut lover and I am a huge fan of all your smoothies so I can only imagine how delicious this is going to be. I will be having this in the morning!!!

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